No doubt, ice and snow are two different forms of water. Most of the people consider that these two forms of water are identical. They are wrong because there is a difference between ice and snow. Ice https://icedetective.com/ice-vs-snow-difference/ and snow both have different methods of formation. Anyhow, the only thing that is common in ice and snow is that they are formed from the water. Both ice and snow require cool atmosphere for the creation. We can see different forms of ice. These different forms of ice are ice cubes and frost etc. On the other hand, snow can exist just in the form of snowflakes.

What is Ice?

We use the word ‘Ice’ for the solid form of water. We call it ice without thinking about its formation. According to this concept, frost is ice. Ice cubes are another form of ice. We can also call snow as ice because it is the solid form of water. The ice forms due to the cool frozen winds. These cool frozen winds concert the water in the form of ice. Some natural processes are becoming the cause of the formation of ice. Anyhow, we can also form ice by using artificial methods. For example, we use the refrigerator to form ice in our homes. After making ice in the refrigerators, we use it to quench our thirst. We can also use ice blocks to keep things cool.

What is Snow?

The frozen precipitations of water that consists of hexagonal symmetrical ice structures in the form of white and soft flakes form snow. The method of formation of snow is natural. It forms due to the effect of seasonal and climate conditions. That’s why we can say that snow falls on the earth as the consequence of some climatic conditions. It is a natural process that snow falls on the earth in the winter. It is found in the form of frozen atmospheric vapours of water. As we have discussed earlier that to form ice artificially, we can use our refrigerator. Anyhow, we can’t form snow artificially by using the refrigerator. Its reason is that we can’t create specific climatic conditions and seasonal changes to form snow.