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(2015-present) a compilation of the best fitness links on the internet EGEG

(2015-present) things that puff my jigglies, master list (mirror: EGEG

(2011-present) directory of meaningful neologisms, not all of which are mine EGEG

(entries tagged EGEG are evergreen-evergrowing — ideally continually relevant and probably never complete. I don't provide changelogs. if you care about this use an archive or screenshot.)

(2022) falsehood-minimalism is not honesty absolutism or

(2022) on the flimsy difference between vaccine mandates and drug prohibition

(2022) children EGEG

(2022) vibecamp and its consequences and a mirror at
(supplemental provocateuring:

(2022) technoyogi bullshit and cure-by-rubricism

(2021-2022) two writings which may be entertaining to read in contrast: the case for mental tenancy ("living in your head") as a love language (, and a gonzo diary entry of partying after a rationalist meetup (

(2021) an abbreviated argument for memory/awareness as it relates to existence

(2020) "this is so decisively and categorically not a game" (informal)

(2020) the failure of libertarianism for free speech, heterodoxy, and truthseeking (the writing here is an autogenerated transcript. this is not a written essay but rather an hour-long lecture dictated while walking with weighted clothing. still, I think this provokes enough thought to put here)

(2020) problems with counting productivity hours (informal)

(2020) How Too Much Freedom Can Make You Less Free Overall (an essay by collation of chat messages)

(2016) Lawful Society Bias

(2016) On a girl burning alive

(2015) Birth control's role in widespread androgen deficiency in women and its implications for the field of psychology (I can only partially endorse this and would heavily revise the wording if I were to write it now (2022).)

(2015) How [male birth control] works and what this means for [men] (The same caveat about endorsement and revision mentioned above applies here.)

(2015) The types of manipulation on vote-based forums (There was no bet -- I was just really invested in my prediction and misremembered.)

(2015) 5 Easy Ways To Nab A Significant Other By Eating Only Peanut Butter (This is anti-clickbait, as an antijoke is to a joke. It's intentionally written to make the reader uncomfortable.)

(2014) If You Wouldn’t Fuck A Grapefruit For Money, I Don’t Know What’s Wrong With You

(2014) Here’s Every Gory Detail You’ve Ever Wanted To Know About Anal Sex (There is some background to this essay. This was written specifically with the intention of going viral, and at 1.2M views I succeeded here. A marketing firm I worked for had a "we may fire you if your social media looks bad" policy, and marketing struck me as one of the most dishonest environments I'd been in. I wrote this to cancel myself and prevent myself from giving into any temptation to work for a place that fostered dishonesty.)

(2013) Dismantling Officiality

(2012) Dissecting the Frog: on Sarcastic Paraphrase

(2012) Gaslighting: what it isn't

(2012) Theactrivism

(2012) Trauma as Trivialization

(2012) "PR Disaster"

(2011) Hierarchy Myopia

(2011) Believability in "Realism": Why Spongebob Out-Reals Fallout 3

sometimes I reuse my own passages in articles that address similar subject matter, such as integrating passages about the fertility crisis from the vibecamp essay into my children document. this is because I'm not interested in rewriting something for the sake of novelty when I've said it right the first time. some people take issue with this, but if you prioritize truthseeking you shouldn't.