Solo StarWarsD6 Character: Luca

Template Type: Smuggler
Character Name: Luca Delste
Species: Human
Sex: M Age: 57 Height: 1.70 m Weight: 65 kg
Physical Description: He has short grey hair, thick beard and green eyes.
Background: He used to be a legit trader who was pushed to lawlessness when the firm switched hands.
Personality: Honorable, mysterious
Objectives: Get back at the men who cost him and his friends their jobs and status.
A Quote: You call that an astrogation droid? Let me show you how to plot a proper course.
Connection With Other Characters: Luca met Roy during an escape attempt from Viltro starport in Anan belt.


Blaster 4D+1 Alien Species Astrogation 5D+2
Dodge Languages Sensors
Grenade Planetary Systems Space Transports 4D+2
Melee Combat Streetwise 4D+1 Starfighter Piloting
Running Value 3D+1 Starship Gunnery
Vehicle Blaster Starship Shields
Swoop Operation
Bargain Brawling Blaster Repair
Con Climbing/Jumping First Aid
Forgery Lifting Repulsorlift Repair
Gambling Stamina Space Transports Repair
Persuasion Swimming Starship Weapons Repair


  • The Red Rancor Ghtroc 720 Light Freighter
  • Comlink


Weapons Damage Difficulty Short Medium Long Ammo
Blastech DL-18 blaster pistol 4D - 3-10 30 120 100
Blastech DL-44 heavy blaster pistol 5D - 3-7 25 50 25

Other Info - Updated to part 18

Character Points: 13
Force Points: 1
Status: Healthy

Backstory creation using UNE

Using UNE I got the following for the ships crew: Defective chieftain, acquire discretion. I combine this with the steamed sobriety portent to get a mysterious smuggler who used to lead a smuggling ring? but left, and tried to keep his whereabouts hidden.
In addition, from The Oracle from the solo plays, the following is known:

Luca used to work as a flight admiral for one of those big corporations like your employers. They used to work only with light freighters. They didn’t have the most competitive prices or the lowest running costs, but they could deliver last minute requests at the speed and efficiency the client wanted. Luca was quite good at it, and they had him planning the routes for the entire sector. Then Lon Pavond, took over the company from his father and switched direction. Some new ruthless traders were hired to pilot the freighters, with questionable reputation. He fired anyone of the old crew that objected. He couldn’t fire Luca due to his connections and high severance cost, so he cast him aside. Luca was demoted from planning to cargo runs.
Now, there were some runs that were weird. Off sector planets, shady contacts, and there were rumors... Then there was this particular run, which was really strange. Something was off. The proper protocol numbers did not much. 'Accounting error' they told him. Once in hyperspace, he went to check the cargo."
Two crates of fruit, as per the 'protocol', and among them, hidden, several thermal detonators. The system he was to deliver them, was deep in Imperial space. He was about to be framed. Maybe even the Imperials were in on it. Luca ran to the cockpit and cut short his hyperspace trip, performing an emergency exit in realspace. In the middle of nowhere. From then on, he managed to scrounge some cash from selling the detonators in the black market, and change the ship's Transponder code and vanish in the outer rim.