A Course in Miracles Quotes

A Course In Miracles is a book that teaches self-understanding through a relationship with the infinite. It was written by a research psychologist named Helen Schucman, who dictated it to a typewriter. Although she was an agnostic, she did record the words she heard from an omnipresent voice that identified itself as Jesus. Her intentions were never to claim authorship; rather, she sought to document the experiences she had with the text. Today, the course has become a worldwide phenomenon, with many modern authors having studied A Course In Miracles.

Some of the A Course in Miracles quotes are powerful and inspiring, and the book has been a spiritual guide for millions of people. It teaches that returning to love is like coming home. And while we're often taught that fear is the enemy of love, the book also shows that this is not true. By removing the blockages to our awareness of love, we're able to move forward and experience true inner peace.

A miracle bears witness to the truth, and is convincing when it arises from conviction. Unlike magic, which is mindless and destructive, a acim author
is an act of creative mind. A miracle is not the result of a faulty perception, but a manifestation of the true, universal, and unalterable nature of creation. In other words, miracles increase the strength of the giver and receiver and enlarge their capacity to receive it.

Another inspiring A Course in Miracles quote is a true story of a father and son. In a story known as Forgiving Kevin, a father and son faced the difficult task of repairing their relationship after years of miscommunication. Helen Cohn Schucman, a teacher of A Course in Miracles, had dream sequences that continued for four months, during which she distinctly heard a voice, and saw Jesus Christ. When her colleague heard about these dreams, she invited him to write them down for her. They ended up lasting seven years.

Despite the many benefits of The Course, it is not a religion. It is not a new religion. Rather, it is a self-study program accompanied by the Holy Spirit. Its goal is peace and inner harmony, and the path to that peace is forgiveness. By remembrance of the self, forgiveness and truth are possible. Ultimately, this course helps you remember what you are.