You know my problem with the internet? And I have a lot of them so I'm not going to ask you to guess them all. But, like, the problem I have with the internet and its current iteration is that none of this shit is really cool anymore.

Like is there anywhere on the internet that feels cool?

Maybe VSCO—and probably because they don't let people do a lot of talking.

But I just distinctly remember—probably 2008, 2010, Twitter, and some early Tumblr days—where like the internet felt like a cool place to be.

You could talk about cool shit, and meet cool people and now no one on the internet is cool—they're just really trying to convince you that they are.

And then, like, don't even get into like the youth-driven things because all the kids are depressed amateur sociologists who also don't go outside and are also trying too hard via like making trailers and aesthetic boards? I don't know.

But like. None of this shit feels cool. Everybody feels miserable and maybe it's just me uncomfortable with increasing levels of vulnerability and just how blech everything is.

But I just...

I was looking at my blog and thinking about, like, how much I wanted to curate a cool space cause I just miss cool shit. And I realized that like is nobody school anymore. And this is probably just a sign I need to take my ass outside.

Early era instagram—also cool. Y'all are gonna say it was cooler before they let the Android users on—and fuck you for that—but when you were just like pulsing pictures of places that you are at the moment. And everybody was I don't know, still in their late twenties early thirties. That was a cool town be on instagram.

Now it's just like—it's Facebook. Except now people my age are the moms and aunties and we are behaving as such and very not cool.

[Heavy sigh]