Jake’s Tomato Purée

Wicker basket filled with red tomatoes


  • 1 x full basket tomatoes
  • 3 x onions
  • 6 x cloves garlic
  • 2 tsp sugar
  • 2 tsp salt


  1. Halve tomatoes, roughly chop onions & garlic
  2. Bring to simmer in preserving pan for couple of hours, reduce by about ⅕
  3. Use hand held food processor, whizz for couple of minutes
  4. Pour into sterilised rubber-sealed, screw-topped jars

Makes approx 11 x 500ml jars.

Jars of tomato purée on wooden chopping board


  1. Clean preserving pan, put dish towel in bottom of pan
  2. Unscrew each jar top ¼ turn
  3. Put in about 5 jars for each batch
  4. Top up with warm water, so water just above top of jars
  5. Use cooking thermometer to measure the temperature:
    1. 20 min to 88°C
    2. 10 min at 88°C
  6. Remove jars with silicon oven glove, dry off & tighten lid

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