A few safety facts to know about operating the power trowel

How the power trowel operates safely
Power trowel is mainly used for road (ground) surface. Power trowel is mainly used for smoothing and calendering concrete surfaces such as road (floor) surface, flooring, municipal projects, airports, etc. It can improve the density and abrasion resistance of the location. The appearance of power trowel greatly reduces the difficulty and workload of manual smoothing, but in the operation must not be careless, today we will talk about the power trowel how to operate safely.
How to use power trowel
1. Clean the floor base first, no water, brush with 2mm thick cement slurry as a combined layer.
2 with a wheelbarrow to the fine stone stick soil from the centralized mixing place, poured on the ground floor has been brushed good grass-roots level of plain cement paste, spread with a small square shovel, and then take 2 meters of scraping strip scraping flat. Fine stone concrete paving thickness control in 15-20 mm.
3. immediately after the scraping of dry mortar evenly withdrawn on the surface of about 2 mm thick, until the dry mortar was moist water absorption state can be wiped with the power trowel.
4. The first time the power trowel according to the vertical and horizontal two-way repeated compaction of the first light, such as the appearance of individual places without pulp or dry cracking, you should immediately sprinkle dry sandpaper and spray a small amount of water and then wipe pressure; in the first wiping at the same time for the interior corner location should be supplemented by manual trimming of the corners.
5. the second time power trowel from the room to the door outside the edge of the slow retreat side of the light, corner of the light also supplemented by people on the closing.
6. Smear finished, wait until the concrete floor is first set, then sprinkle water to maintain.
Note for power trowel operation
1.Before operation should be checked motor, switch, cable is in line with safety requirements, cable zero line reducer box cover, to prevent leakage accidents.
2. After wiring flip power trowel, make the smear sheet hanging, open the switch, check whether the relative rotation direction of the trowel is correct.
3.Check whether the smear, safety cover and all parts of the bolt is loose. Clear the debris on the wiping plate to avoid the whole machine jumping when using.
4 smear operation to ensure ground flatness requirements, into the field operators should wear insulated flat shoes, and wear insulated gloves, cable by the auxiliary personnel take, auxiliary personnel should also wear insulated shoes and wear insulated gloves. Pay attention to prevent the cable insulation is broken by the sassafras and electric shock accidents.
5. power trowel malfunction, you must shut down and cut off the power before repair.
6. After work, should promptly clear the residual mortar on the machine, smear piece and smear device of the connection screw should be wiped clean, and then coated with grease to protect.
The power trowel should be stored in a dry, clean and no corrosive gas environment, the handle in the prescribed position, the transfer shall not be brutally handling.
8.Power trowel has two kinds of walk behind power trowel and ride on power trowel.
9.The walk-behind power trowel is only suitable for construction on wet concrete pavement, and the working area is relatively small, which is more suitable for repairing corners and edges.
10.The ride on power trowel can be used for both wet and dry concrete, it has two grinding discs, one forwards and one backwards, there are two operating controls. ride on power trowel is suitable for large and small construction sites, widely used for high factory buildings, warehouses, squares, parking lots, pavement, road and bridge maintenance, concrete surface lifting, trowelling.
Whichever power trowel is used, it is important to pay attention to these controls in order to ensure safe operation and reduce unnecessary wear and tear. Using power trowel is faster, more convenient to operate, and more importantly, the ground effect is more uniform, smooth and beautiful.