Solo StarWarsD6 Character: Roy


Template Type: Corporate Scout
Character Name: Royxand Handscul
Species: Human
Sex: M Age: 25 Height: 1.75 m Weight: 70 kg
Physical Description: He has tangled brown hair and black eyes.
Background: Roy grew up in the outer rim, after his mother, a widow to a starfighter pilot, fled their home planet during the Clone Wars. He always wanted to find a way to follow his fathers steps and fly among the stars, and he managed to get a job as a scout to Karflo Corporation. It took a while for him to get a Scout assignment, but he finally received it and now, it's his chance to show his skills and knowledge.
Personality: Honest and Inquisitive. You're new to this scouting thing. How hard can it be?
Objectives: To fly among the stars. Explore new worlds, meet new species, become acknowledged by his peers.
A Quote: Be prepared. Unknown what lurks in the next corner.
Connection With Other Characters: Roy met Luca Delste during an escape attempt from Viltro starport in Anan belt.


Blaster 3D+1 Alien Species 4D+2 Astrogation 4D
Dodge 3D+1 Business Sensors 4D
Running Languages 4D Space Transports
Parry Planetary Systems 4D Starship Gunnery
Survival 4D
Bargain Climbing/Jumping Computer Programming/Repair 3D
Con Stamina Droid Programming 3D
Hide Swimming First Aid 3D
Persuasion Space Transports Repair 3D
Search 4D Starship Weapons Repair


  • Comlink
  • Claim Beacon
  • Multipack
  • Light scout armour
  • Vacuum suit


Weapons Damage Difficulty Short Medium Long Ammo
Blastec DL-18 blaster pistol 4D - 3-10 30 120 100

Other Info - Updated to part 19

Character Points: 20
Force Points: 1
Status: Healthy

Backstory creation using BOLD

1st waylay/solution: Incompetent mooks, overcome by counteraction

Roy's father, Hugo Handskul, used to be a starfighter pilot who died in the Clone Wars. His mother, Miria, fled their home planet, Kamea, to safety, far away in Iskeel, in the Outer Rim, to raise Roy.
Being an only child, Roy was often picked upon by bullies in his local school. Especially when he was daydreaming of becoming a starfighter pilot himself, like his father. He wasn't a muscular child, but he was no weakling either. One day when he was 14, his bullies cornered him in the courtyard. The toughest of them, their leader, Jaa, stuck his nose in Roy's face. "You're a coward like your father, and you will die like him." He told him in a slow voice. Roy gathered up his courage and threw his fist on his face. The bully was so fixated on Roy's face that he didn't see it coming. Roy's second fist connected, breaking the guy's nose, blood dripping everywhere. They ran away, and didn't bother him again.

2nd waylay/solution: Righteous festival overcome by personal resources

Once per year the Imperial Naval Academy run a series of tests and exams, attended by the highschool seniors. Those of skill would either be recruited in the Imperial Navy or be given a recommendation letter, which meant getting a job off-world was going to be much easier.
Roy studied and trained hard all summer, but a mix up in the records, got his name lost from the list of eligible to attend. It would all have been lost, where it not for his mother. She had an old friend of his father's squadron, serving in the Imperial Navy, now an academy instructor. Roy's records were fixed, and he was allowed to participate and get the desired recommendation letter.

3rd waylay/solution: Barbaric mooks overcome by favorite skill

Roy's recommendation letter bought him an interview to Karflo Corporation. He did well, and was accepted to enlist to Scout Boot Camp.
The camp was off-world to the nearby moon, Ankan, populated by savage primates. These yellow-fanged primates were accustomed to the presence of the Karflo Scouts and weren't bothered by them, or bother them back.
Until one day, a trainee was outside camp, and he drunk water from their sacred pool, where they give birth to their young. The primates went in a frenzy, throwing rocks and hunting the trainee down, to the camp. They encircled the camp, and they attacked anyone trying to enter or leave.
Roy had spent a lot of time reading about the primate species during training. He knew that in order to calm them down, the subject of their fury should apologize to them. The trainee had to bow down naked before the primate clan, to show that he truly accepted his fate, and asked for forgiveness.
The primates recognized the gesture and left in unison. Roy had saved the day.