KT's 'Finisher' Park Young-hyun is appearing “I’m confident in my new position.”

Preparing for a full-fledged closing role, “I’m in peak physical condition live pitching next week”

kt wiz park younghyun

Professional baseball KT Wiz suffered a blow to its power with the transfer of Kim Jae-yoon (Samsung Lions), the starting pitcher this winter.

However, there are few voices concerned about KT's bullpen problems in the new season.This is because there is a clear closing pitcher to replace Jaeyoon Kim.

Park Young-hyun (21), a right-handed pitcher in his third year as a professional, is the next-generation closer in Korean baseball, having appeared in 68 games last season and recorded 3 wins, 3 losses, 4 saves, 32 holds, and an ERA of 2.75.

Coach Lee Kang-cheol early designated Park Young-hyun as the finisher for the 2024 season, and Park Young-hyun is calmly preparing for his new position at spring camp.

Park Young-hyun, whom we met at Hyundai Motor Company's Dream Ball Park in Gijang-gun, Busan on the 15th, did not hide his confidence in his new role.

He raised his voice, saying, "I am preparing for the new season with the same feeling as last year's spring camp," and "I have a lot of experience in last year's postseason and the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games, so I will be able to perform my new position without any problems."

Preparations are progressing without problems.

Currently, Park Young-hyun has improved his physical condition to the point where he can throw 60 pitches from the bullpen.

Next week, we will begin live pitching training where we throw balls in conditions similar to actual environments.

Park Young-hyun said, “I am in excellent physical condition,” and added, “I will focus on improving my physical strength so that I can maintain good condition during the season.”

As this is my first time taking on the position of closing pitcher since my debut, I have no personal desires.

He said, “I haven’t set a goal for how many saves I will make,” and “I think goals will come naturally as the season progresses.”

He also carefully answered questions about the save king challenge.

When he was told, 'I have to compete with Kim Jae-yoon, who I worked with on the same team,' he said, "We are still in contact. It will feel strange to see him pitching as a player for the opposing team, but we will sincerely support each other." “It is,” he said.

Meanwhile, with Park Young-hyun taking over as the closing pitcher, KT reorganizes its bullpen.

Son Dong-hyun, who showed great power in last year's postseason, is expected to take on the role of setup man for the 8th episode of the new season.

Park Si-young, who returned from injury, right-hander Lee Sang-dong, left-hander Park Se-jin, and veteran Woo Gyu-min, who transferred from Samsung, join forces to form a sure-to-win team.

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