TED talk: the era of open innovation

Charles Leadbeater speaking about radical innovation in education (2015)
Slums of Kibera and Rio. Kids creating innovative education
Commonality: mobile phone. Delhi-a social revolution. Young girls not married early any more
Sugatra Mitra went to Delhi slums and radical research showed that young children can learn on their own (help of computer in wall). Imagine if they had the internet?
Education plus technology-a great source of hope. Education works by pull not push there.
Curriculum makes no sense. What makes sense to them
Daily needs need to be met in the immediate
Interest NB and teaching must be relevant.
Games good. Start with game not lesson or question. Projects attract young people
Learning treated as productive not academic
Idea of 'scale' is different there. They have a Chinese restaurant model.
Madhav Chavan (social entrepreneur) created Pratham which runs playschools for 20 million children all based on same model
We need mass education again
INNOVATION (formal and informal) (sustaining and disruptive)
Disruptive: Reinventing ed -more schools reinventing themselves e.g., Big Picture schools (US Australia)
Kunskkapskolan in Sweden. They are:-
highly collaborative, highly personalised, pervasive technology
Radical Change:
Formal: Learning starting from questions/problems/projects (not curriculum)
Informal: supplemented:-family/community e.g., Reggio Emilio, Harlem children's zone
Informal: Transformation needed in how to get learning to people in new and different ways
Present school system inheritance C19.
Laying waste to imagination and appetite for learning and social confidence
Stratifying society