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Category: Repairing


Q I have an old Weston 2 which seems to have stopped working. How can I repair it or get it repaired?
A Hmmm It's impossible to get inside a Weston 2 without the proper tool which is just about impossible to get hold of. A professional repair is prohibitively expensive. I'd get a new one via ebay - It'll be a lot cheaper!

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Q My Master v need repair serial no j0668 where can i send this?
A The only repair facility I know of is run by John deVries from Holland. John charges 95 Euro to put your meter back into full working condition and fit for another 25 years of use. John knows his Westons!!. You can contact him on his excellent site www.westonmaster.com and go to ORDER.Servicing Westons is costly and you would probably do better to buy a new one. IIs are great meters - better made than IIIs but a Weston IV or V or a Euromaster is likely to be more accurate and probably last longer as the cells on IIs have often \"gone lazy\" by now. Or in the UK try http://ian-partridge.com/lightm.html

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Q Hi, Please could let me know if you service Weston Master111. Could you let me know the cost & how quick could you get it back. Could you phone me on 07771 667050. Thanks Dave
A As Above

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Q My father in law has a Weston Master II which apparently has stopped working. He would like to get this repaired. Is this feasible? Please let me know when you can. Thanks Tony Sassi
A As Above

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Q The front "glass" of my meter has worked loose, but is not broken. What would be the best adhesive to use to reseat it please?
A If only it was easy to open up the meter but it needs special tools! I'd avoid super glue and just go for a simple glue like PVA. It's pretty innocuous and if you smear it fairly liberally round the edge of the glass, then move the glass round and round till it seeps underneath. Carefully remove the surplus from the glass before it sets but you'll be able to remove any dried surplus easily afterwards. I think this is the safest approach - a least to try initially. The other approach is a very small bit of clear silicone sealant - a better seal but more difficult to remove surplus. Do let us know how you get on.

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Q I have a pair of weston meters, DC Volt and AC amps, from Pan American Airways tool crib. Thes are wooden cases, model 155, and model 45. Is someone collecting these. I am about to throw them out if I don't get something for them on E-BAy, I can't carry t
A As you can probably see, this site is really about Weston light meters - but of course there is always a chance that enthusiasts of other types of meter will visit. Best of luck anyway.

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Q I have a weston meter model 736. I think it needs a new photo elec cell. can it be repared? How much will it cost?
A Unfortunately the cost of repair is quite steep and certainly more than the meter is worth or a newer on will cost. The most common question concerns repairs. The only repair facility I know of is run by John deVries from Holland. John charges 95 Euro to put your meter back into full working condition and fit for another 25 years of use. John knows his Westons!!. You can contact him on his excellent site www.westonmaster.com and go to ORDER.

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Q Hello, We have a Weston Master IV, model 745, serial # AF878. Can this information tell me the approximate date of manufacture? Thanks!
A Early 1960's - they started manufacture in 1960. I bought mine new - it makes me feel old - I am old!!

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Q Could you please add the information to this web site that Megatron, the manufacturers of the Euro-Master II carry out an extensive service & calibration of repair to all Weston exposure meters?
A Certainly will.

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Q Gooday. Question: Using Weston meter in conjunction with cameras own meter ie. using a telephoto lense on a Pentax SLR whose meter is not working. Seeing the extra distance the light has to travell to reach the film plane,readings using the lens in front of the Weston reveal many diferent readings, would you use this method and take a reading at every F stop & shutter speed setting, for every lense in ons collection. Thanking you for your help Allain
A Interesting idea Allain, but it won't work! Your lens will not output a big enough area of light to fill the cell of the Weston. If the subject - even a long way away - is lit the same as nearby, just take a normal reading of a similarly lit nearby scene. Or, use the incident measurement method with the invercone.

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Q I'm looking for an invercone for a Weston V meter. Does anyone make good reproductions or does anyone know where I can buy one? Thanks!
A Worth trying ebay - you see them there from time to time or if you are rich, Megatron (see under Euromaster 2) will possibly have new ones.

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Q I have a Weston Master V in excellent condition except that there is a crack in the glass. I would very much like to make it purfect again by replacing the glass with one I have in a defective Weston V. How do I take them apart and do I need special tools? Thanks Dave
A Unfortunately you need a special tool to open-up the meter and this is not generally available. You could contact Megatron (details under Weston Euromaster II) and get a quote for a repair. Trying to open up the meter without the proper tools can very easily mess-up the meter. Worth giving Megatron at least a call. Or, new on on ebay - there are usually quite a few and it's likely to be cheaper than a repair.

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Q Hi I have a mark one weston master exposure meter in well used leather case.Can you please advise me of its current value as i no longer need it and intend to sell it.Picture available if reqd. Many thanks Clive
A Clive, it's very difficult to say. On ebay there are Weston 1s for a few dollars. That's the joy of buying Westons - you can get them for a few bucks. You won't make much selling - perhaps 20 dollars if you are very lucky - perhaps 10.

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Q The battery in the model 348 needs to be replaced. I just found it in a tool box and knew it is a good unit so I want to restore it to use. it had a mercury 2.7 px14 by mallory (extinct). What do I use as replacement? Also, whow is it that I'm the one asking this? Hasn't anyone had this problem? Two Email addresses, please: the one above and sunshinenana@comcast.net
A Hi Dennis. Look at http://answers.google.com/answers/threadview?id=196194 You may find that the different voltage will give inaccurate readings but you may be able to adjust for this. I do hope this helps - you could also look on ebay - there are some 3v alkaline cells there too.

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Q Hi I have a Weston IV with a lazy cell- can I transfer the cell from a tatty Weston III into it without too much loss of accuracy? Thanks.
A The problem is getting "into" the meter. There is quite a bit about that on the site, but essentially you need a special tool - unless you can make or bodge one.

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Q I inherited a Weston Master II meter and would like to be able to use it. However, after being stored for a number of years, it does not respond to light levels, even direct sunlight. Needle is moving freely. Does it need to "recharge" in sunlight for a period of time, or is there another means to get it operational once again?
A This does occasionally happen. The cell develops a fault and fails. I've not heard of a solution but you could try leaving it in sunlight - it will not do any harm. Sadly, I think you may have to face the fact that the cell is dead.

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Q I\'ve just purchased a Weston Master V from eBay that was described as excellent condition. All seems OK except that the stainless steel top is loose and so will lift about 2-3mm at the window end. How is the top normally secure to the base? Is there any way I can rescuer it?
A You should be able to remove the slightly knurled nut in the centre of the main dial - just use your fingernails to grip it. Lift off the dial unit making sure you know where it is pointing so you can replace it correctly. There are two bolts underneath - off you go from there!

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Category: ACCURACY

Q I've heard the term "lazy cell" in a sales description for an old meter. What does it mean?
A As the selenuium photo-cells get older they can produce less electricity and so the meter shows a lower reading. I have really old Westons that are accurate to better than 1/2 stop but others that only just register light. Cells are affected by damp, temperature and bad luck!

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Q What is Zero Correction for and should I be doing it!!!
A The needle should be on the zero point of the dial when there is no light whatsoever falling on the meter cell. If it is not that way, turn the zero corector screw clockwise of anti-clockwise until it is. Shouldn't need doing very often unless you have a big change in temperature.

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Q Hi! thanks for your excellent website! I have a trusty MasterII that I've had for about 25 years--and it's always been super dependable. My invercone for the Master IV seems to work just fine with it. I hadn't used it for some time, and when I opened the case, it wasn't reading any light! I messed around for about 10 minutes, pointing it at all sorts of sources, and...nothing. I put the meter down, and a few minutes later it seems to be working just fine. What could this mean? Thanks, David
A Sounds like a bad connection inside David. Connections to the cell itself can corrode and cause this. There is nothing to be done unfortunately, you can't open the meter and even if you could, the cell connections can't really be fixed. Sometimes warming the meter will bring it back to life, but you may have to face the fact that a new meter from Ebay is the only way out.

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Q Hi there, This is a bit of info as well as a question, and it may be stupidly obvious for which I appologise in advance. I have two westons, a V and a Euro master. The V is well used and has a lazy light cell but not totally gone, the Euro is spot on. To render the V usable I set the ASA to 1000 when the Euro is set at 200 and they then give almost identical readings! The question is do the light cells fail progressively or just quit?? I use the meters with old Russian cameras so the shutters and apertures are probably hit and miss. The fun is to look at the scene and take a guess, it gets better with experience and I think that's what it is all about. Working or not the Weston V is a neat gadget regardless. Keep the faith! Vincent.
A The cells often fail progressively or they may just quit although that is less likely. As you say, you can simply up the speed setting to compensate because it is probably still linear in it's response to light. Guessing is fine with modern films that have lots of latitude. If it was good enough for Cartier-Bresson, it's good enough for you!!!

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Category: Buying

Q OK - I'd like one but I've looked in local dealers without luck - where can I get one?
A ebay is simply the best place. Watch the auctions first to get used to the bidding patterns and usual bidders. Make absolutely sure you ask if the meter works i.e. reacts well to light. If you want a fully reconditioned older Weston John deVries at www.westonmaster.com may be able to help. Dealers sometimes have Westons - you'll pay more but you can try before you buy.

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Q Prices on Ebay seem to vary wildly. Any advice for a first-time buyer?
A They sure do! Be very careful to check that the meter is in FULL WORKING ORDER. Ask the seller specifically and if they are evasive, don't buy. Lots of old meters don't react to light - the meter should move well across the scale if held close to a light bulb. Watch out for postage costs - they can add $15 if you are not careful. watch the final prices on ebay and decide on the maximum bid for each model you are interested in. Don't get excited and end up in a bidding war! You can get most Westons at low prices so pull out if the price goes up too much.

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Q I have several weston meters to sell. Model 45 in wood cases What are they worth?
A The model 45 iss a DC Voltmeter and this site only covers exposure meters. Suggest you look on ebay. The price you'll get very much depends on finding a collector who happens to need them!

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Q Hi, I've been trawling the internet for days and can't seem to find the answer to a simple question! What is the longest shutter speed a Weston Euromaster and Weston V go up to? Thanks! Sarah
A The Euromaster goes to 15 minutes. I don;t have a Master V but the IV just goes to 64 seconds.

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Q Are the cases for masters IV and V identical to that of Euromaster. I ask this as my Euromaster has very recently failed but the case is in good nick and I notice on ebay that IVs, Vs and Euros go a lot cheaper without cases and I wanted to see what my options were. Thanks. Steve.
A My Euromaster has a case that is a kind of leather band around the body of the meter - the front and the back then both hinge from that. There is a small hole for the needle-lock button in that band. A Weston IV has a slider for the needle lock so would not fit. A Euromaster however will fit (I've tried it just now!) in a Weston IV case as this does not have the band - just two halves that are hinged. Hope this helps.

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Q Which is the better buy for general use, a Weston V or the Euro. I have several old cameras with no meter and would like to buy and use a Weston meter.
A The Euromaster will be the best because it is the most likely to work for some time. A working V, if you can get it for a reasonable price will be a very good meter - but the cell in all Westons can fail and the older they are....

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Q Is there a 'best' model to look for when buying used?
A If you want it to use, then a Euromaster - if you can get one at a decent price, or a Weston IV otherwise. The IVs are usually fine and accurate and are well made.
Category: Buying
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Q What kind of batteries does the III model use? I am thinking of buying one on ebay. Thank you.
A III doesn't have batteries - it uses a selenium cell which generates electricity when light falls on it. Normally only Cds meters need batteries. Hope you get a good one on Ebay!

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Category: History

Q Are there any differences in US and UK made Westons?
A Yes - the Newark models appeared first and Enfield seemed to want to make small cosmetic changes for the UK market. Sometimes the dial markings are a little different. Other than that though, the meters are mechanically identical. Since the demise of the company, they are only made in the UK Euromaster onwards but see the rest of the site for more details.

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Q What are Weston Speeds?
A Edward Weston despaired of the film manufacturers who in days of yore (until about 1963!) exagerated their film speeds for "commercial reasons". So, stickler as he was for accuracy, he invented his own. Weston eventually abandoned his system - which was 1/3 stop slower that ASA when the latter became sufficiently accurate. ASA is now ISO.

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Q I have Master Cine Model 720 in mint condition with books. Is it worth much.
A I wish it was! The 720 is my personal favourite and I have a cine version. I think it cost me $15 on Ebay. It's a beautiful thing and I'm sure they will appreciate over the coming years, so I'd hold on to it and enjoy owning it.

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Q This isn't a question, but a piece of info. The Invercone was first advertised in 1948 (the same year they listed the trademark) for the Master II. It is a little different that the later ones in that there is a neutral density filter that you fit int

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Q I have a site with some history of the Weston company; I just added a link to your excellent meter pages, and would appreciate a reciprocal link to my site: http://weston.ftldesign.com Thanks! Bill
Thanks for this Bill. I'll certainly do that. Anything else you have on Weston exposure meters would be appreciated.

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Q I have the model 686, type 10A, Vacum Tube Testing Equipment. The range is in MircromHos, Serial 1651, attached to the piece are meters model # 269,301,476, and the patents are 1,746,935/1,854,901/1,920,906 instruments div. Daystrom, Inc. Can you tell me date invented, value, and any other history? Thank you!
A Unfortunately, we only have a knowledge of Weston exposure meters and not their electrical testing meters. I hope that someone else who visits the site may be able to help.

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Q I have a Weston Exposure Meter for Motion Picture Cameras. Model 627, No. 4868. When was it made and how much might it be worth?
A The Model 627 was made in 1933. It's always hard to put a price on this. Keep an eye on Ebay. I'd expect to pay say $40.

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Q I have a set of weston testing meters looks like ohm meters they work together. They are stored in seperate wooden boxes with slide away covers. they have metal plates attached with patents on them from 1888. Is there a value to these? Any antigue buyers or perhaps a weston musuem who would be interested in them?
A Sorry, we only have Weston exposure meter info on this site - but perhaps someone else will read this and help you.

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Q Hi I have just bought at a camera fair a Sangamo Weston meter I have not seen before. Can you give any info? It is black bakerlite and has Benjamin lightmeter on the dial as well as S.W. Did S.W. supply other manufacturers with meters? Thanks David
A This is a Weston E703 branded as a Benjamin. It's the first one I have come across.It's now on the site - thanks David for the Picture.
Category: History
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Q Hello, Congratulations for your website ! I learned a lot about Weston meters and now I plan to write a special issue of the periodic journal of my club (Les Iconom├ęcanophiles du Limousin http://declic87.free.fr). I wish to know if you can allow me to use some of your texts to translate them in French for my club's journal? I don't need photos because I nearly own the whole line of Weston meters from models 703, 614, 756, 617, etc.. to Euro-Master. I only need to use some texts because information about history, especialy launch dates of UK models are very hard to find. Thanks in advance for all you will can do for me and my club. Best regards and Happy new year ! Pierre Dalger.
A Fine - you are most welcome

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Q Is the Weston site still being maintained as a lot of the links seem to lead to expired or missing pages? Regards Derek.
A Yes, it is being maintained, so I'm concerned about this. I'll run a link checker (XENU) on the site right now and fix the problems. Sorry about that.

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Q Hi there: I have two Weston V meters; one is a model 748 s#HA751; the other is a model S461-5 s#GH492. What I'd like to know is what is the difference and when were they made? Cheers, Eli Griggs
A The 748 is a Weston V made from 1963 till about 1970. The S461-5 is a Euromaster made from 1970 till 1974 (1980 in the UK) Both are excellent meters and have a good resale value - take a look at ebay and you may find some. The Euromaster is simply a newer version If you look at the pictures on "All The Meters" on the website, you'll see that they are very similar. Around this time, Weston were going through all sorts of financial problems and the Euromaster was really an attempt to re-launch rather than anything very different - there was nothing lef to improve.

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I have a weston A.C.ammeter model # 155 No 37385 and I would just like to know something about it thanks

A Sorry - we only have knowledge of exposure meters
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Q Is the web site still working I cannot seem to access it, it keeps timing out. Regards ... Jim.
A http://diaxa.nfshost.com/weston/ Should work as an alternative OK

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Q Your links to my page www.butkus.org/chinon has a few problems. I have changed my hosting company and many of your links are not working. I have moved the PDF files to different folders. So you need to find the new correct link. I use www.cameramanuals.org rather then an IP address. That way any move I make will follow the files as IP address would change.
A Hi Mike. I'm pretty sure I answered this some time ago and fixed the problem, but I'll re-check. Best wishes for Christmas. Martin.

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Q Can you please tell me the US Company name who produced the Weston Master III and IV? Thank you very much and regards.
A Sangamo Weston of Newark NJ. Take a look under "The Company" on the site for some more history.

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Q Do you know that Dennis K Connolly was the engineer at Sangemo Weston who designed the Weston Meters after the war? He was my step father and also wrote a fascinating book about an alternative view of the universe.
A Thank's for this. He was clearly a great designer and has left a very positive mark on the world.

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Q Whats is the oldest Weston to buy of you actually want to use it?
A Weston 4 (IV) = they are superbly made and should still be very accurate. Some IIIs may still be OK, but this is getting into a dodgy age. A iv if you can get one will be perfect but there are not too many around.

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Q I'm still not clear on when to use the invercone and when not to. For a simple person like me, what is the simple answer??
A See the Invercone section og this site for details but broadly, use it for transparency film but make sure you are holding the meter where the light falling on the cone is exactly the same as that on the most important part of the subject. Also good for portraits or still lifes.

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Q What do the U/O and A/C markings on the dial mean and how should I be using them?
A The mysteries of A-C and U-O revealed! The bottom line is that you can ignore these today! Photographic film has improved to an extrordinary extent since the 1960s. Before then, the exposure range of film was very limited. Even if you exposed the majority of the picture correctly, some of the shadow detail and worst, some of the highlight detail could be lost - merged into other similar tones and shown on the print as either jet black or pure white. Photograhpers therefor had to make sure that the tone range i.e. the darkest and lightest important parts of the scene were within the limited range of the particular film. For colour film, the range was very limited indeed and the A and C marks showed this range. For black and white this was represented by the U and O marks. So, you'd find the brightest part of the subject and set the O against that reading. You'd then see which parts of the dark areas were within the range down to the U Same idea with colour - the C is the upper limit and the A the lower limit. Modern films have much more range so you should not use these ranges now. They were dropped from the Weston Master range from the IV onwards for this reason.

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A Can you download the instructions for use on the Light Meter II
A There is an instruction book on that page of the site. The resolution is a bit low - I'll try to get a better one.

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Q I have cine meter. What are the differences?
A The differences between a still and cine camera are quite simple and the only real differences between the two types of meter are in the markings on the dial. Aperture is the same but instead of shutter speeds there is a fps (frames per second) marking. The equivalents are: fps speed 8 1/15 16 1/30 24 1/45 32 1/60 48 1/90 I'm sure you get the drift of this. To use a cine meter for a normal camera just remember to double the fps to get the shutter speed so 60fps is 1/125

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Q I have a weston ranger9 model#348 universal exposure meter. Is there any way of obtaining a manual for this meter?
A Craig Camera will sell you a reprint http://www.craigcamera.com/ib_vw.htm. We don't have an electronic copy - at the moment!!!
Category: Using
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A I dont have the instructions for a V but you can download the manual for the Euromaster from the site - it's pretty well the same meter and you should be fine with them.

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Q I have just purchased a model 715 from a secondhand shop for A$25. how do I use it, as it came without an instruction booklet. can you please send instructions? Thank you David Caswell
A David, go to the 715 page of the site (from the top (Chronology) link on the home page). You can download the instruction book there.

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Q I have a 0-50 Weston DC amp meter model 506, what shunt do I use for this range?
A Hi Bill. The site is really just Weston exposure meters, so afraid I can't help - but someone else might!

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Q I recently acquired a Weston Mater III on eBay; The meter seems to work well, so I'm getting ready to run some test film. I was advised to divide my ISO speed by 5, then multiply by 8 to get the proper speed setting for the meter, which would be a setting of 640 for ISO 400 film. Does this sound reasonable? Thanks!
A John De Vries's excellent www.westonmeter.com site may have everything you need to check this out. Do have a look.

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Q I am trying to find the angle of coverage of a Weston Master 2 (735)made in Newark, NJ. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
A I believe that with the baffle open it is around 60 degrees but I don't have a figure for the closed position except that I'm sure it is less. You could easily experiment with a small bright light source, a ruler fixed to the meter with a rubber band, and rotate the meter noting the point at which the meter responds. Have fun - and do let us know the result.

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Q Hi I just purchased a Weston Light Meter Model 650 and was wondering if you know where I can find a manual to tell me how to use it properly. Thanks, Tina
A I've put a quick guide to the 650 on the site - you'll find it on the MANUALS page.

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Q My father has just died and among his possesions I have found a Benjamin Lightmeter. Patent 1579849,1635595, 1661214, It is a model B no 56742. It is not for photography but for use in the workplace to determine whether the area monitored is light enough for specific work to be carried out. Do you have any details on the history of this meter and are any similar still being made?
A I can't find out anything about the Benjamin meter as hard as I try. Sorry.
Category: Using
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Q I have inherited a MasterII (735) that has not been used in at least 256-30 years! How do i tell if the exposure cell Has become "lazy"? On a bright day the needle hardly moves. Thanks..
A Paul, I think you may have a lazy cell - look under Manuals - Film Speeds and Weston Dials for a quick guide to accuracy.

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Q I have a weston master 3 .what is the correct way of setting the film speed on it for modern day use .The website www.westonmeter.com does not work
A Chris, See manuals Film Speeds and Weston Dials for new info about this. Should be www.westonmaster.com - my mistake.

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Q Some time ago, I read in an artile or book that the weston can be used for close-up work and that there are sttings on the dial to do away with the maths side of bellows extensions, I remember trying it at the time and it did work, I have searched everywhere to find it again, can you help?
A Sorry, I haven't heard of this nor can I find anything.

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Q I have a weston light meter model 703, type 3A, range 0-75 FC, Class 60. 1)Is there any way of obtaining a manual for this meter? 2)I have little experience in his handling, what you practice or applications I can make? 3)is there the possibility of digitizing this measurer?
A We haven't seen a manual for this. It's probably similar to the 650 - have a look at that manual under Manuals - it may help.

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Q Hello, great website! I just bought a Euromaster 11. I've a few questions, and hope you can help. Thanks for your time. 1. Could you please tell me what the little 'EV window' on the shutter speed dial is for. I notice that the pointer arrows in this 'EV window' and the main redline EV arrow on the shutter dial only match when the ISO is set at 50...might this EV window be designed for polaroid use, to show you a quick reference for matching EV to ISO 50? 2. I notice that when I set the main redline EV arrow on the shutter speed dial oppisite an EV number then the aperature and shutter speed spaces don't line up exactely as on P.6 of the manual, but they do if I use the arrow in the small EV window...why? Thanks again, Gavin.
A here we go. 1. EV is a number that represents a combination of shutter speed and aperture. EV 1 is either 1/2 seconds at f/1.0 or 1 second and f/1.4 ,or 2 seconds at 2.8 etc. This is used on some cameras - you set the EV and therefor when you change the shutter speed, the aperture changes automatically. See Toomas Tamms explanation page at http://www.chem.helsinki.fi/~toomas/photo/ev.html 2. The numbers around the main dial of the meter, the ones you set the rotary dial to, are not actually EV numbers as they don't change with film speed. They are really just there so that you can match the dial to something - Weston call them Light Scales.

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Q do you have a manual for the weston xm1 540 meter, or even instructions? none of the other meters on your site even appear to be close to the same operaions
A No, sorry I don't. I don't have an XM1 so I can't even put one together. Suggest you take a reading on a bright day outdoors, 100 ISO (or ASA) film. It should end up showing a reading of about 125th sec at f11. By trying out variuos things with the dial/calculator, you'll probably find you can work out how to use it. If anyone else can help, a scan of the instructions would be great for the site.

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I recently purchased a Weston Master III cine exposure meter believing that it would work as a photographic light meter. The instructions on your site as well as any others covering this model show the relative brightness level going well above the 27 that mine goes to. Also my wheels have very different information on them than the pictures you have shown. Do you know firstly if I can use this meter to shoot still photography? What the various scales mean? [I can forward a photograph of the item if you'd like] and finally if I am able to use the meter for still photography where I can locate instructions as this item did not come with instructions? I look forward to your reply. Regards, Barrie Firzgerald Barrie@Houseofcallahan.com
A The main difference between a cine camera and a normal still camera is in the shutter speed - you have to do a simple conversion. On the Weston, you can set the shutter to type A or B. Use A. Now set the FPS as follows:- For 1/60 set to 32. For 1/125 set to 48, for 1/250 set to 96. Set the film speed in the normal way. Set the dial to the relative brightness shown on the needle reading and it will give you the aperture. That works on a II cine - now I don't have a III Cine, but the same principle shold apply though the scales may be diferent - eg. .2 to 50 on the low scale and 25 - 1600 on the high scale, as with my Weston III non-cine. If this still doesn't make sense, I'll send you an email address that you could send a pic to.

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I recently found a old Weston Master IV exposure meter Model 745 with leather case. I would like to sell but I do not know if it works or how it works. Is there a website that might have instructions?
A Look on this website under Buying A Weston

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QI have inherited a SangamoWeston light meter Model S461.5 Number 593AD I do not know how to use it can anybody help with instructions? PS it has an Autocone Many thanks Tony
A Tony, it's basically a Euromaster, so try thr Euromaster manual on the westonmeter.org.uk site under Manuals.

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Q I have a Cine Model 819 and no manual. Is there somewhere I can obtain one?
We don't have a copy of this - it's essentially a model 650 with cine settings. There is a very brief guide to the 650 under manuals but it won't help much. Suggest you look at some of the other Weston manuals on this site and kind of figure out how to use it - there is a kind of similarity to other early Weston Masters.

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How can I be sure that my Weston is accurate?
A Good question! If you have a camera with built-in meter that shows the exposure then a few comparisons will give you a clue. On a cloudy but fairly bright day, the average exposure is usually about f8 at the reciprocal of the film speed i.e. 1/125 for ASA 125. The needle would be about 400 max on a bright sunny day on an average reflected scene. Other than that, trial and error with plus 1,2,3,4 and - 1,2,3,4 photos should show if it accurate.

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can you supply me with a conversion table asa to weston or vice versa thank you
A take a look at www.westonmeter.org.uk/speeds.html

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Can you point to something that will show me comparative ASA Weston Speed Settings
A just go to www.westonmeter.org.uk/speeds.html

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