Holy Prophet was born in Makkah, and it's only natural that he fell in love with the place where he was born. His grandfather, Abdul Muttalib, his mother, Hazrat Amna, and his uncle raised him (Hazrat Abu Talib). At age 40, he became the Prophet, and after the first revelation, he began to preach Islam. People were drawn to him because he was polite and did things that were good.

Invitation from the heads of tribes in Madinah:
The leaders of the tribes in Madinah heard about Holy Prophet's fairness, teachings, and policies. They liked what he had to say and planned to invite him to Madinah so he could help end fights between different tribes. They sent a group of 12 people to Holy Prophet to ask for peace in Madinah. Holy Prophet said yes to their offer and told his friends to go to Madinah.

Purpose of Holy Prophet behind accepting invitation:
The Holy Prophet accepted the invitation because he wanted to make Madinah a new Islamic state. He told Muslims that they should start teaching about Islam in Madinah. Muslims began to move to Madinah and spread the word about Islam. Holy Prophet also told them that I would come to Madinah in a short amount of time.

He built a strong army in Madinah, then went to Makkah and took it over. He went to the House of God for four Umrahs and one Hajj. Muslims today umrah packages london so they can see the House of Allah and all the holy places. All of these places remind us that the Holy Prophet lived in Makkah.

Response of enemies towards migration of Holy Prophet:
Hazrat Abu Talib, the uncle of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH), took care of the Holy Prophet and acted as his head. But when he died, Abu Lahb became the leader of his tribe. He was one of the people who were against the Holy Prophet. The enemies of the Holy Prophet found out that Muslims were moving toward the Holy Kabah. They knew what Holy Prophet wanted to do, so they set up a big meeting to kill Prophet Muhammad.

Migration of Holy Prophet with Hazrat Abubakar Siddique:
The Holy Prophet moved with Hazrat Abubakar Siddique. The Holy Prophet's enemies wanted to kill him, but they didn't know that Allah Almighty is the best planner. With the help of Hazrat Jibrail, Allah Almighty told the Holy Prophet what the Kuffar were planning. People told Hazrat Muhammad ( ) to move to Madinah. He and Hazrat Abubakar came up with a plan to get out of Makkah and go to Madinah. Holy Prophet had planned to move to Madinah later, but his enemies' plans made him leave Makkah and go to Madinah instead.

Prize for killing the Holy Prophet and Hazrat Abubakar:
Holy Prophet's enemies came to kill him on his bed, but he wasn't there. They found out that the Holy Prophet and Hazrat Abubakar Siddique had left Makkah and were now in Madinah. People in Makkah said there would be a big reward for killing the Holy Prophet and his friend. They ran after them, but Prophet Muhammad had the help of Allah Almighty. They ran into a lot of trouble along the way, but they kept going. When they got to Madinah, the people there welcomed them with open arms.

Islamic state in Madinah and conquer of Makkah:
Holy Prophet worked hard to make his dream of making a new Islamic state in Madinah come true. He also took over Makkah. He took over Makkah and did the Hajj there as well. He turned Makkah into a Muslim state. If you cannot perform the Hajj due to high cost then you can book Cheap umrah packages 2023 which are cheaper then the Hajj.