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QUIC.cloud is the First and Only Complete WordPress Optimization Solution.


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Our Growing Global Network

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Complete Caching

QUIC.cloud CDN is the only CDN available that can cache both static and dynamic WordPress content.

Most CDNs only deal with static content, but QUIC.cloud CDN caches the whole site: images, CSS, Javascript, and the dynamic HTML page itself.

By taking advantage of LiteSpeed Cache's Smart Purge technology, QUIC.cloud CDN accurately serves your most current content, and purges it when required.

QUIC.cloud CDN:

  • is built on top of the state-of-the-art LiteSpeed server stack
  • caches complex dynamic content with ESI support
  • promptly and accurately purges cache as content is changed
  • serves your WordPress sites at the network edge with low TTFB
  • features less than 10ms average latency in North America and Europe
  • supports HTTP/3 end to end, from client to backend server
  • delivers global coverage with a growing network of 70+ PoPs

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Total Protection

When it comes to protecting your WordPress site from evildoers, there is a plethora of plugins available. But by the time an app-level plugin does its thing, attackers have already had a chance to impact your server resources.

Let QUIC.cloud handle security at the CDN level, before the aggressors can slow you down.

  • Built-in WordPress brute-force attack protection
  • CDN-level reCAPTCHA to keep robots at bay
  • Advanced Layer-7 DDoS protection
  • Custom-targeted protections
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF) Rules for WordPress

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FREE Image Optimization

One way to speed up a website is to reduce file sizes and make content smaller and quicker to transmit. This is the role of Image Optimization. Shrink your image files, and serve them faster.

QUIC.cloud's Image Optimization service is 100% FREE

  • Minimize image size with multiple optimization methods
  • Generate copies in the efficient WebP format
  • Process images automatically in the background
  • Improve Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) metrics with smaller image files
  • Submit images for optimization upon upload to the media library, no need to wait for a cache hit

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Page Optimization Services

Page speed scoring tools frequently cite problematic issues related to CSS bloat. QUIC.cloud's Page Optimization services improve CSS styling and page loading efficiency, to provide better user experience, better page speed scores, and better search engine ranking.

  • Critical CSS (CCSS): Inlines only the CSS necessary to style above-the-fold content, allowing the visible content to load fast and fully styled, before processing the rest of the CSS
  • Unique CSS (UCSS): Provides customized CSS for each page, completely removing unused definitions and bloat, for a speedier page load overall
  • Low Quality Image Placeholder (LQIP): Generates colorful lazy load placeholders to give your site a more pleasing look as it loads, and minimize Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)

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Anycast Authoritative DNS

Unlike standard DNS which bases your DNS records on a single server, Anycast DNS duplicates your DNS records around the world, so that they are as close as possible to your site's visitors, and so that they are protected in the event of an outage.

  • 100% FREE Authoritative DNS service.
  • Global coverage with Anycast technology.
  • Better alternative to CNAME records and their limitations.
  • Superior geographic routing results when used together with CDN service.

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