[Asian Games] North Korea’s Weightlifting Gold Medal Again With a New World Record… Kim Il-kyung Takes First Place in the Women's 59kg Class

Won 3 of the 5 weight classes competed to date... A total of 6 world records

North Korean weightlifters continued their march to new world records and gold medals.

North Korea's Kim Il-kyung (20) won the weightlifting women's 59kg group A competition at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games held at the Xiaoshan Sports Center in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China, on the 2nd by lifting 111kg in snatch, 135kg in clean and jerk, and 246kg in total. https://www.oncasino.site

In the snatch, Guo Xingjun (30, Taiwan) set a new world record, surpassing the 110kg set at the 2021 Tashkent World Championships by 1kg, and in the clean and jerk and total.

He set a new world junior record (previously 133kg in clean and jerk, 236kg in total).

Kim Il-kyung recorded a 'clean sheet' by successfully completing the 1st to 3rd snatch periods and the 1st to 3rd rounds of the clean and jerk, and won the gold medal by beating Rusfang (22), who won the 2023 Riyadh World Championships held last month.

Ruspang's total record on this day was 240kg (107kg in snatch, 133kg in jerk and jerk).

Guo Xingjun, who holds the total world record in this weight class (247kg) and gold medalist in the 58kg class at the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games, ranked third with a total weight of 227kg (101kg in snatch and 126kg in clean and jerk).

As the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) reorganized the weight classes in November 2018, competitions in the 58kg class will no longer be held.

Kim Il-kyung made her international debut at the Asian Games.

Although he is young, Kim Il-kyung had no opportunity to play abroad as North Korea closed its borders to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19) and was banned from international competitions by not participating in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics held in 2021.

North Korean weightlifters, who were able to participate in international competitions starting this year after their disciplinary action was lifted, did not participate in the Jinju Asian Weightlifting Championships held in May and the Riyadh World Championships in September, but made an appearance at the Asian Games. https://www.geogebra.org/p/jvKqehUAyN

North Korean weightlifters, who appeared on the international stage four years after the 2019 World Championships, have won three of the five weight classes at the Hangzhou Asian Games held so far, putting pressure on China, the host country and proud of being the 'strongest weightlifter'.

North Korea won all three women's weight classes (49kg, 55kg, and 59kg), and China produced champions in two men's weight classes (61kg and 67kg). In this competition,

North Korea set new world records for the total, snatch, and clean and jerk.

A total of 6 were also built.
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