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What's Underfoot? A Quick Overview to Outdoor Patio Surfaces

Patios and also terraces have constantly been popular exterior spaces. Whether a Parisian courtyard or a rooftop recess, just porches as well as sunrooms beat out these led (or semi-paved) hideaways in a recent study of my viewers as one of the most excellent outside living space.Let's examine a few of the variety of outdoor patio surface areas.

Patio Stones

Somteimes called flags or slabs, outdoor patio rocks are level square or rectangular blocks of pressed concrete. Standard sizes normally consist of 2' x 2', 2' x 2 1/2' and also 2' x 3' (60 x 60 centimeters; 60 x 75 cm; 60 x 90 centimeters), with a 2" (5 centimeters) thickness. They are an extremely widely known as well as preferred selection for both home owners as well as home builders and also are preferred both for their ease of installation and low price.

Once only grey or greyer, outdoor patio stones are now readily available in a variety of colors. Pick a color that blends with your garden or house, or make a formed floor with two different colors. Outdoor patio stones are particularly eye-catching when combined with an edging of a different material. On my website, I have some recommended patterns incorporating them with bricks, however you can utilize a rot-resistant timber such as cedar, landscape rocks, or perhaps light weight aluminum.

You can additionally buy patio area rocks with different surface textures, including those with revealed accumulations. Although these usually preserve the classically constant density that produces their ease of setup, they are normally rather more expensive than ordinary rocks.

Rock as well as Slate

Stone and slate, also called flagstone, are all-natural materials whose availability is usually driven by local resources. They are additionally usually cut in typical sizes and sizes, but the thickness of the items will certainly vary with the rock as well as the cutting. The variable thickness makes the product much more challenging to mount. All-natural rock and also slate pieces are much more costly than produced outdoor patio stones.

Often, people think about flagstones in terms of "insane paving," that is broken items of stone set in eye-catching, random patterns. This sort of patio area surface area is one of the most difficult to lay appropriately. Because the mortar joints of a patio are the weakest factor, the stone pieces must be as tight as feasible to each various other. This calls for breaking and also trimming the uneven shaped items. Experienced installers can damage stone by hitting a piece of rebar or pipeline that they've placed along the wanted break line. I recommend you don't try this in the house, young boys and also women!


Bricks are a popular building material for patios and also balconies. A typical block made use of to determine 2 1/4" x 3 3/4" x 8" (5.7 x 9.53 x 20.3 cm), and be red or yellow. There are lots of variants nowadays. Your choice is actually individual except for the weather rating. If you live in a cold climate, make certain to get SW (Severe Weather) rated bricks that will not fracture in the cool and snow. They cost more than MW (Moderate weather condition) and NW (Great Climate-- well, it's officially Negligible Weather condition, but I assume not having freezing chilly five months of the year would be extremely great.).


Gravel is frequently disparaged as the bad cousin of outside surfaces, however gravel yards can be not just inexpensive but comfy as well as very charming as well. As with other paving products, crushed rock likewise is offered currently in a range of shade choices and also appearances. You can border the outdoor patio location with rock pieces, blocks or pavers to offer your lawn a much more finished look.

Put Concrete.

Poured concrete surface areas are one of the most prominent professionally set up patios. They're generally more economical than all-natural stone, block or floor tile to develop, are very long lasting when properly installed and also treated, can be shaped to any pattern, and can be finished in a wide array of shades, textures and also designs.

Proper setup of a concrete surface area includes laying rebar or 3/4" steel poles in a cross-hatch pattern in the body of the concrete. As soon as the concrete has actually hardened, it should be sealed to resist climate as well as discolorations.

With such an excessive range of outdoor patio surfaces readily available, just how can you select the right one for you? Of course, budget will play a big component. However also consider the design of your residence and also yard, as well as the use you'll construct from the space. It's more challenging to put furniture on a few of the rough textured surfaces. If you have kids riding tricycles, or elderly pals or family who might journey, be sure to avoid anything that may create an irregular surface, also after some years of resolving.

Whatever you pick, be sure to spend time on your patio area as well as content memories in your outside area!