How to Manage Portable Document Format Files (PDFs)?

PDF (Portable Document Format) is the most common file format which is widely used across the world. It represents the documents in a perfect order. In early 90s it was created by Adobe mainly for digital printing. But as the days passed its utilization has increased respectfully. And now we can say, "This file format is used for everything". Some common uses of this file format are:

It is used for sharing the documents through internet.
It is used for document publishing in electronic form, i.e. eBook.
It is used in business to record transactions, procedures and work-flows.
It is used for documents managing, document presentation and creating 3D images.
It has multiple features such as it provides an independent platform for documents, it has true flexibility for file sharing without affecting the graphic elements, it offers a safest platform for file sharing and compression feature, etc. It is superficially similar to HTML. However, each file expresses a comprehensive classification of a fixed-layout flat document, such as the text, fonts, graphics, along with other information and facts required to present it.

While using a PDF document some common situations can be faced by users, such as:

Splitting the files: When we have large PDF files and if we face problem to store them, then we need to split those large files in several small-sized files. Sometimes we need to send or transfer a small part of a .pdf file but due to its large size it takes much time to be transferred. But after splitting the file it becomes easy to send or transfer that file over the internet.

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