## johannes klabbers : work

My work is three-fold: I write, I talk and I listen.


Perhaps you'd like to read [my book](http://scribepublications.co.uk/books-authors/books/i-am-here/) — or something else [I have written](http://simp.ly/p/XwyVgy)?
Or you've read my book and you'd like to [have a conversation with me](http://simp.ly/p/jmWKyn) (in English or Dutch)?

Or would you like me to come and give a [talk](http://simp.ly/p/jmWKyn) (in English) for your group, community or organisation?

I also offer end-of-life conversations to people who are considering the options that are available and/or those working through the issues faced by them and their families in coming to a decision to end your life (in English or Dutch).

My work is strictly not-for-profit. You or your organisation cover any travel expenses and costs of suitable accommodation and, since I do seem to incur costs by living, I am not in a postion to refuse [donations](http://johannesk.com/donations.html) but I charge no fees and there is no obligation.

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