LA Dodgers “We will not punish egg throwing, we hope this will not happen when we leave the country”

A man in his 20s threw raw eggs at the Los Angeles (LA) Dodgers players who arrived at Incheon International Airport to participate in the 'MLB World Tour Seoul Series'. The club told the police that it did not want to be punished.

Incheon International Airport Police announced on the 18th that they had received notification from the club that they did not want Mr. A punished in relation to the raw egg throwing incident that occurred at the arrival hall of Incheon International Airport Passenger Terminal 1.

The police received an opinion from the Korean event agency of the Dodgers team, saying, “We have no intention of punishing the suspect because the players were not harmed (by throwing raw eggs),” and “We hope something like this does not happen when we leave the country.” .

Accordingly, the police plan to deport Mr. A, who is being investigated for assault.

Mr. A threw a raw egg at the LA Dodgers team at the arrival hall of Incheon International Airport Passenger Terminal 1 at 3:08 pm on the 15th. The egg did not reach where the players were. It fell in front of Dodgers manager Dave Roberts and caused no damage.

The police traced the case based on closed-circuit (CC) TV footage near the scene and arrested Mr. A sitting on a passenger waiting chair on the third floor of Passenger Terminal 1 after about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Mr. A told the police, “Why are there such a fuss when a foreign player is coming? He was in a bad mood and threw a raw egg.” As a result of the investigation, it was confirmed that Mr. A had a mental history. Meanwhile, the Dodgers entered the country via Incheon International Airport on the afternoon of the 15th on a chartered plane. A large number of reporters and baseball fans gathered at the airport even before the Dodgers team arrived. Not only Korean fans but also Japanese fans visited the arrival hall to see the players. The Dodgers last checked their strength through a practice game held at Gocheok Dome prior to the opening game of the MLB regular season. On the 18th, they will clash with the Korean national baseball team led by coach Ryu Joong-il. On the 20th and 21st, the opening two-game series will be played against San Diego at Gocheok Dome. This is the first time that an MLB regular season game is held in Korea.

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