Gyeyoung Korea New Collaboration 'Dream Team'... "The Asian Games are more closely related"

A new Korean record in the 800m relay qualifiers and finals... 7 minutes 04 seconds 07

Hwang Seon-woo continues to set new records despite poor records due to body aches

Hwang Seon-woo (20), Kim Woo-min (21), Yang Jae-hoon (24, Gangwon Provincial Office), and Lee Ho-jun (22, Daegu Metropolitan City) joined forces to break the Korean record twice in one day.

The Korean relay team, which set a Korean record of 7:06:82 in the 800m relay qualifiers at the 2023 International Swimming Federation World Swimming Championships held at Marine Messe Fukuoka Hall in Fukuoka, Japan on the 28th,

Took about 10 hours to finish at 7:04:07 in the final. The record was shortened by almost 3 seconds again.

Lee Ho-jun, who broke the final section in 1:44:53 by performing a reverse stroke with the fourth swimmer, said, "Everyone must have been physically tired and burdened, but I want to say that everyone did a good job by shortening the Korean record by 3 seconds compared to the preliminaries.

This competition is good. It is true that it ended with the result, but the most important thing is the Asian Games in September, so everyone will be vigilant and thoroughly prepare.”

Kim Woo-min, who obtained a good result in 1 minute 44 seconds 84 with the second swimmer, said, "I am really happy that I did a race without regrets with my teammates.

We will return to the Asian Games with a stronger image.” On this day ,

Korea ranked 6th out of 8 countries that competed in the finals.

They changed Korean records one by one and showed a steep rise.

Hwang Seon-woo, a Korean swimming star, was actually not in normal condition due to body aches.

In the sweltering heat of Fukuoka, he couldn't sleep without the air conditioner on, and eventually his body got sick because his body temperature couldn't be properly controlled.

Hwang Seon-woo, who set a new Korean record of 1:44.42 in the 200m freestyle final just three days ago on the 25th, slowed down to 1:46.35 as the first swimmer in the 800m relay final that day.

Hwang Seon-woo said, "I showed a sluggish record even though I was running as the first runner because of my body aches.

It's really good to set a new record in Korea because the members did really well."he said.

Yang Jae-hun, the eldest member of the relay dream team and 'number 3 swimmer' who competed in this event as a professional relay swimmer, said, "I am grateful to my teammates for setting Korean records in both the preliminaries and finals. I will continue the good momentum to the Asian Games."

On this day, the four players held hands tightly as they entered the stadium.

Kim Woo-min explained, "We always enter like this during the team finals with the feeling of 'Let's join hands and fight'."

The Korea Swimming Federation, which sent the relay team to Australia twice earlier this year for strong training, is planning to send the athletes back to Australia ahead of the Asian Games.

Lee Ho-jun said, “Since the four of us are a team, we will discuss it well with each other and decide.”

Korea, the only Asian country to compete in the 800m relay final at the World Championships, aims to win the gold medal at the Asian Games in Hangzhou.

Lee Ho-joon said, "Today, the alternation record between English players was not very fast.

There is room for the record to be reduced there as well. I

continued to play against strong opponents and learned a lot about the race sense, so I built up my confidence. Since

the Asian Games have to play many matches with a stronger intensity, I have stamina. I will focus on raising ," he said.

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