Fight the Border Wall that will affect the Tohono O'odham nation's sacred grounds

You can call your representative and ask them to support Requirements, Expectations, and Standard Procedures for Executive Consultation with Tribes Act (RESPECT Act) proposed by Rep. Raul M. Grijalva (D–AZ). The Act would prescribe procedures for effective consultation and coordination by federal agencies with federally recognized Indian tribes regarding federal government activities that impact tribal lands and interests to ensure that meaningful tribal input is an integral part of the federal decision-making process.

Use this tool to email representatives to demand that this project be halted!

Sample text:

The Trump administration's proposed border wall would be a disaster for people, wildlife and the environment — and I'm against it.

More than 650 miles of border barriers already exist along the U.S-Mexico border. These walls, fences and vehicle barriers cut through sensitive ecosystems, disrupt animal migration patterns, cause catastrophic flooding, and divide communities and tribal nations.

Now the administration wants a wall along the entire 2,000-mile border. New wall construction has begun in certain locations.

The wall not only further militarizes our border but will perpetuate human suffering, harm border communities, and halt the cross-border movement of jaguars, ocelots, wolves and other wildlife.

I urge the Trump administration, Congress and other decision-makers not to pursue this disastrous project.

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