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> Russia plans to launch a lunar lander to orbit the Moon, in prepararion for crewed missions in the 2030s.

> NASA's Lucy probe will arrive at the asteroid belt to begin flybys of 4 Trojans.

> Planned launch of NASA's Dragonfly drone to the Saturnian moon Titan. Landing is planned for 2036.

> Delivery of a Gateway station module.

> Potential SLS/EM-6 Cargo launch, using the new expendable RS-25E SSMEs, from KSC Pad39B to deliver the DST (Deep Space Transport) into cislunar space.
The DST will dock remotely with the DSG.

+> Potential manned SLS/EM-7 mission to the DSG+DST in lunar orbit.

> Refueling of the ascent element for Artemis 6.

> Refueling of Transfer element for Artemis 6

> Delivery of descent module for Artemis 6.

+> Artemis 6; SLS Block 1B crewed Orion MPCV launch to the Moon.