How You Can Do Miracles

Day 1 - How Anyone Can do Miracles

"Do miracles really happen?" It was God's still small voice to me. I remember the first time I ever saw Benny Hinn on TV. I was like, "man that can't be real, It looks to easy so it must be fake."

"I wonder how much he is charging those people?"

"Do you believe in miracles?" God's voice ever so gentle yet recognizable breathing on me again.

Up until that point I had immersed myself in the Apostolic and Prophetic Movement so my concept of miracle healing was relegated to more of a cynical view than faith and understanding.

In reality it was ignorance of God's Word. I wondered how one man could heal another and then one day it happened to me.

Do Miracles Really Happen?

I had some people over to my house and we were worshiping on a Friday night and the presence of God was strong as usual. One of my friends, who was about my age and fresh out of the world was standing against the wall worshiping.

As I passed by him I put my fingers in his ears and said "be open". I don't even know why I did it, it just happened. As I came back around God had showed me a vision of him with another young lady on the couch. As I passed by the second time I whispered in his ear what I saw. He fell out on his back and just lay there as we all continued to worship in the glory.

About 15 minutes had passed when my phone rang and it was Billy, the guy I had whispered in his ear and prayed for.

I said, "Billy? I thought you were in the hallway?" Billy said, "Man, I was but when you yelled that across the rook at me about me and that girl I got embarrassed and I jumped out the window and ran to the store.

"I said,"Billy, I didn't yell at you I whispered it in your ear." "Oh my God," he exclaimed, "God healed me and gave me dog hearing!" My miracle healing ministry was birthed that night and God made a believer out of me.

Do you believe in miracles? Ask God to make a believer out of you, because the question do miracles really happen was answered in my own life.

A revelation I received one day while study the Word changed my life. Like you, I had been taught different things concerning miracles. One school of thought was that only Jesus performed miracles while another stated that miracles died off after the Apostles. While studying these things I saw something that would forever change me and release my faith to operate in the supernatural.

The Rabbinic Method

During Jesus times a rabbi or teacher would use this technique to teach his students. It means that the Rabbi would go out and do something while the disciples watched. Then the disciples would try to do the same thing while the teacher watched. This is what Jesus was doing with his 12 disciples.

That would have been fine to teach that miracles can be taught to other people but it would not have ended the argument that only the 12 disciples performed miracles. I needed something more.

I then saw that Jesus took 70 others and began to do the same thing with them. Luke 10:1 (New King James Version)

Luke 10

The Seventy Sent Out

1 After these things the Lord appointed seventy others also,[ a ] and sent them two by two before His face into every city and place where He Himself was about to go.

17 Then the seventy[ a ] returned with joy, saying,"Lord, even the demons are subject to us in Your name."

I then saw that there was even one acim
out there that wasn't part of the 70 or the 12 and the disciples brought this up to Jesus who stated,"Leave him alone if he is doing these things in my name he is of us."

This showed me that it was not just for Jesus or the 12 disciples. It was being taught and reproduced.

An example of this would be the time when they tried to cast out a demon but couldn't. Jesus said they should have been fasting and praying. It reminded me of the scripture."this one can only come out by fasting and prayer."

Let's go a little deeper into this. The teaching above really got me thinking that it was not limited to just Jesus or the disciples or even the other 70. It could be taught, reproduced, imparted to everyone.

But it was this next revelation that really changed me and took the limits off in every area in the supernatural. My faith was turbo charged when I read this next scripture.

Remember Saul of Tarsus. He was educated wealthy knew the scriptures had position in business and government. He was a man among men. Well this same Saul of Tarsus had an amazing supernatural encounter when Jesus appeared to Him. It knocked him to the ground, blinded him and changed his life forever. The rest of his life was all about recounting what happened to him that day. How it changed him. He went on to write two-thirds of the new testament as a result of that one encounter.