About Magnetic Therapy

Magnetic bracelets and necklaces are made with a unique textile with Minus-Ion producing minerals woven into the bracelets fabric, consequently generating an abundant level of Minus-Ions which are highly beneficial, and in tests have been found to produce twenty to fifty times more released Minus-Ions than competitor's bracelets. These therapy bracelets come in a huge range of colours and sizes to suit all people's tastes and preferences, plus you can even have them branded to your own design so why not check them out and have a look - women's copper bracelets for arthritis.
Magnetic therapy bracelets are thought to properly adjust and balance the ions in the human body. Since ions are electrically charged, magnets can have a relative effect on these and the application of strong forces is suggested to cause a therapeutic environment between positive and negative ions. Experts believe that chronic pain, joint and muscle problems and other circulatory ailments result from the imbalance of ions. Magnetic therapy has shown to be a reliable, safe and painless alternative for those who may not be ready for drastic surgical and chemical measures - Magnetic Cuff Bracelets.
Wearing the bracelets not only helps during rehabilitation periods since these are also known to have preventive effects like ridding the body of toxins, boosting metabolism and enhancing digestion and absorption. The improved blood circulation to different areas exposed to the magnets causes enhanced healing and protection from harmful agents and infection. For more information, please visit our site https://feracojewelry.com
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